The Temporary Emergency Licenses for Spazio are available exclusively for Primeur customers who have an active maintenance contract and who have a real need for them due to sudden and unexpected emergencies. For all other types of licenses please contact our Sales Department at


Please, fill in text fields below, and you will get a temporary (30 days) SPAZIO MFT/S 2.5 license.

In order to obtain it, you have to insert your Ethernet card MAC Address.
You can use a MAC address only once.

- Click here to get instructions (in pdf format) on how to get your MAC address.
- Insert your MAC address with "-" character as delimiter. Example: 00-00-00-00-00-00.

How to get CPUID on z/OS

In order to obtain the AUTHORIZATION_CODE from PRIMEUR (only for z/OS: from MON-FRI 9am - GMT +1), for licensing products and features, customers will have to supply the CPU identifier (CPUID) and the machine model where SPAZIO has been installed.

This info are obtained by performing the system command DISPLAY M=CPU from SDSF, as the following:

In particular, customers have to get the last four characters of the CPC ND field and the last four characters of the serial number (01A7" and "7060 in red, in the above example).

So the right CPU ID, to fill in the Temporary License Request form, will be 01A77060.

Fill in the form

zOS: (check it if you give a CPU ID)

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.